MD Web Solutions is a Web Development Company.
Experience the Power of the Web!


MD Web Solutions, Inc. is a small business that focuses on helping small and medium sized businesses use the Internet and current web technologies for traditional marketing and advertising purposes. We create customized websites for our customers to help them expand their audience, attract new business, and increase sales. We also seek to pioneer and implement innovative solutions to help companies increase their business' efficiency and flexibility.


MD Web Solutions was founded and incorporated in 2002 by Dave Cafagna and Chris McCarty. Avid sports fans, frustrated by Michigan State Football's lack-luster performance at the time, the pair created an unexpected overnight sensation with the internally-funded site, The site garnered more than 100,000 hits within the first 2 weeks of operation and Dave and Chris began taking interviews with numerous TV and radio stations regarding the site's success. Fueled by this this success, Dave and Chris have been helping others leverage the internet to get their message, product, or service out ever since.

  • Process Improvements

    MD Web Solutions can help your business reduce its operating costs by leveraging current web and computer technology to automate and streamline processes that are time and labor intensive.

  • Design & Development

    We offer customized web design services to help you market your product or service on the Internet. Let us put our creativity to work for you. We'll help generate interest in your business and increase your sales.

  • Database Programming

    If you have a business need to collect and/or manage large amounts of information from any location using a web interface, MD Web Solutions can connect your website to a database that stores that information logically and securely.

  • IT Support

    MD Web Solutions can service your small business' desktop and server computing environment. We can help with everything from troubleshooting a specific problem your having on a computer to establishing and maintaining your office network.


For more information on services, please email us at info@mdwebsolutions.